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Answering the market demand of high-quality properties in Bali that has been increasing significantly in the last couple of years and to continue developing the potentials of Jimbaran Hills to be the next core of sustainable living to the whole Bali island, PT. Jimbaran Hijau a leading company in Bali is launching their new project development “Natadesa Resort Residence”.

Inspired by the beauty of the Balinese culture and nature, Natadesa’s design is a modern tropical reimagining of traditional Bali Aga Village, its well-proportioned spaces with a courtyard reminiscent of beautiful Balinese villages.

It is set on 1,7 hectares of land in total and consists of 20 units of luxury and sophisticated villas designed by an Indonesian architecture firm DDAP Architect, whose global reputation is for the combination of genius loci concept and their innovative design in the tropical environment.

Strategically located in a serene and safe area among the famous five-star hotels and resorts in Jimbaran, Natadesa Resort Residence definitely is one of the best places to live and invest in Bali as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In saying that, you can invest with confidence in real estate knowing that it will have a positive outcome as it is a profitable and safe investment.

Throughout the years, PT. Jimbaran Hijau has been carefully working in a sustainable way developing the Jimbaran Hills area with respectful manners aiming to create an integrated residential area, working space, hotels, and resorts with premium facilities.

In the hands of PT Jimbaran Hijau that also famous as the “Green Developers” in Bali, the Jimbaran Hills area has turned into an ideal, beautiful, serene place to live, work and play in Bali with supporting infrastructure and facilities and of course it is greener than you think!

Hopefully, this will inspire all the developer’s companies to develop Bali with respectful manners to keeping the Bali identity and unleash the potentials of each area in Bali.