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The best place to get the local products of Bali is of course at the traditional market. Browsing through the markets, you can feel the true Balinese hospitality and gain knowledge on local exotic fruits, Balinese paintings and sculptures. Mark one of your steps of being a local and visit these recommended markets. 

Before going to our list of 5 best traditional markets in Bali, please always remember to take the safety measures during the Covid-19 pandemic when you visit the markets. Choose a time when the market is not too crowded, wear a mask, keep a distance from others, and use hand sanitizer.  


  1. Kedonganan Fish MarketKedonganan Fish Market is a traditional wet market that offers fresh catches in southern Bali. At this largest fresh seafood market in Bali, you’ll find almost any type of saltwater catch. The best tip is to get your favorite seafood and take them to one of the restaurants surrounding the market. These restaurants only cook the seafood you purchased at the market instead of having their own stock. Although it is called Fish Market, some vendors also sell vegetables to be added to your basket.


  2. Taman Sari MarketTaman Sari Market or Pasar Taman Sari is one of the local markets in Seminyak. It is located quite strategically between Petitenget and Kerobokan, not far from Hotel K. The market offers fresh vegetables and fruits with reasonable prices, and street food vendors to give you an authentic Indonesian experience.


  3. Badung Market
    As one of Bali’s largest traditional markets, Badung Market offers more varied items starting from fresh products, kitchen utensils, Balinese Hindu ritual items, jewelry, and daily necessities. 
  4. Kumbasari Art Market
    Kumbasari Art Market is one of Denpasar’s central landmarks and is one of the city’s main sources of arts and handicrafts. The market is located right across the Badung River from Badung Market and sells items that are mostly crafted by various communities, like Ubud and other artistic communities. Besides artistic products, Kumbasari Art Market sells mostly the same kind of goods you’ll find at any traditional market in Bali. 
  5. Ubud Traditional MarketUbud Traditional Market is located in the center of Ubud town, sharing the same location as the popular Ubud Art Market. The open spaces are occupied by vendors selling fresh vegetables, fruits, and flower offerings. Moreover, you will find beautiful clothing and well-crafted jewelry with affordable prices that you cannot resist. This market is situated not far from the Ubud Palace, inviting tourists who want to make the best of their visit to the center of art and culture of Bali.